1. Conditions general

1.1 Entrance terms
To visit or stay on the camp-site one has to have the permission of the warden. Twin-axled caravans or campers will not be admitted.
Staying on the camp-site means that you have an obligation to ensure the proper conduct and good order of the camp-site and that you accept and will fulfil the conditions of these rules and regulations.
Young groups are not welcome at our camp-site.

1.2 Police formalities
Any person staying the night on the camp-site must produce his identity papers to the management and carry out police formalities. Minors unaccompanied by their parents will be allowed only with written authorization of the parents.

1.3 Setting up
Tent, caravan as well as any other equipment must be confined to the pitch indicated by the warden.

1.4 Reception
Opening hours in season: from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 hours, in the low season according to the needs of the clients. The reception will provide all useful information concerning camp facilities, supplies, sport facilities, interesting sights and useful addresses.

1.5 Fees
Fees are to be paid at receation reception. Their amount is displayed at the camp-site entry and at the reception. They are calculated depending on the number of nights spent on site or on the previous made reservation, see our payment and rental terms. Campers will have to inform the reception the day before their departure. We kindly request payment on the day before leaving.

1.6 Noise and silences
Campers are required to avoid any noise and activities which may disturb their neighbours, and to turn down their radios and any musical equipment. Please close your car doors and boot quietly. Pets are only allowed if kept on a lead. They must not be left alone on the camp-site, even locked in, if the owners, who are civilly responsible, wish to leave the site. Complete silence between 23.00 pm and 08.00 am.

1.7 Visitors
After being authorized by the warden, visitors will be allowed to enter the camp-site at the responsibility of the hosting camper. Campers are allowed to have one or more visitors and meet them at the reception. A fee will be charged to the host, as displayed at the camp-site entry and at the reception. Visitors are requested to leave there car on the parking at the entry of the site.

1.8 Traffic and parking
On the site, speed is limited to 10 km/h. No traffic is allowed between 22.00 pm and 8.00 am. You are requested to park the car only on your pitch and avoid inconvenient parking.

1.9 Maintaining the appearance of the camp-site
Everyone must respect the cleanliness and the hygiene of the camp-site. Dirty water may not be thrown on the ground. Tanks can be emptied in the appropriate place. Garbage and waste must be sorted and placed in the containers at the camp-site.
Please hang your laundry discreetly at the rear of your pitch, without discomforting your neighbours.
Care must be taken of trees, plants and flowers. It is not allowed to hammer nails into trees or to cut branches. Do not mark off pitches by yourself and do not dig into the ground. Any damage made to plants, fences, camp-site or fittings will be charged to the camper. The pitch must be maintained as it was found upon arrival.

1.10 Security
Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc) are prohibited. Cooking appliances must be kept in good order and mustn’t be used under hazardous conditions. In case of fire, inform the camp management immediately. Fire extinguishers are at everyone’s disposal. A comprehensive first-aid kit is available at the reception.
Campers are responsible for their own site and equipment and must inform the management of any suspicious persons on site. Although the camp-site is watched during the day, campers are required to take the usual precautions to safeguard their property.

1.11 Sport en playground
Use of equipment of the playground, tennis-court and swimming pool are at own risk.
Parents are responsible fort heir children.

1.12 Unoccupied tents and caravans
Unoccupied tents or caravans may be left on the camp-site with the prior consent of the warden. A fee will have to be paid; details are available at the reception.

1.13 Information
An extract of the present rules is displayed at the camp-site entrance. They are available in their entirety at the reception and they can be presented to any customer on request.

1.14 Violation of these rules
In the case of any camper disturbing others or failing to abide by these conditions, the warden will issue a verbal or written warning. If this is ignored, the arden can cancel the contract. In extreme cases and criminal offence, the police will be called.

1.15 Responsibility
You are exspected to have a third party insurance. We also advise a cancelation as well as a travel insurance.

The camp-site is NOT responsable:
– for temporary defect in any facilities.
– for any injuries all los caused by extreme wether conditions, flooding, strikes or any other causes outside control af the warden.
– for any lost or damage caust by the custemer if the accommodation is damaged for the period of rental. In this case within 7 days to the warden of reporting damage, the custemer will receive any paid amount returned.
– for temporary outfall of any installations – equipment on the camp-site or accommodation.

The responsibilitie of the camp-site will never exceed the amount paid.

2. Particular conditions

2.1 The swimming pool
Entrance to the swimming pool is reserved to camp-site clients. Shorts and bermuda’s are prohibited. There will be no exeptions made.

2.2 Pets
Of course pets are welcome. Any pet must be vaccinated according to european law (pet passport). Proof of vaccination must be provided at the request of the management or authorities. Pets are not allowed to be left on their own when the owners are not on the camp-site (accommodation). Pets are not allowed in the rental accommodations.
However make sure that they do not cause inconvenience to other guests on the campsite. Outside your pitch dogs must be leashed. Walks outside the camp-site. Dogs are not allowed on the playground and sports field.

2.3 BBQ and fire
Barbecues and any open type of fire are strictly forbidden. Only gas barbecues are allowed.

3. Conditions for the rental or a campsite pitch

3.1 Reservation:
To reserve a camping pitch, mobile home or caravan can by post or preferebly with the booking form.
Reservations are personal and non transferable. Reservations are valid for one family and one camping pitch only. (max. 6 persons par pitch)
Your reservation will be confirmed by our réservation confirmation for the total amount which is to be paid in two equal installments. We recommend taking a travel/cancellation insurance as any amount paid is acquired, except by an error on our part.

3.2 Payment
3.2a. Rental: The first payment within 6 days after the invoice date and the second payment 6 weeks for arrival.
3.2b. Camp-site: The first payment within 6 days after the invoice date and the second payment 4 weeks for arrival. With a total amount under 100 euros, the 1st payment is 50 euros.

You can transfer payment to our french or dutch bank account. By payment of the bill you agree to our booking conditions.

3.3 Deposit and damage rental
On arrival we ask you to pay in cash a damage deposit for the rental accommodation of 100,00 €.
The deposit will be repaid at the day of your departure, less any necessary deductions.

3.4 Arrival and departure
3.4a. Rental: The accommodation is available for you as from 15.00 hours and before 20.00 hours on your arrival day. The accommodation must be vacated before 10.00 hours at the end of your stay.
3.4b. Camp-site: The pitch is available for you as from 14.00 hours and before 20.00 hours on your arrival day. You will have to leave the camp-site on your departure day before 12.00 hours.
Late arrival or early departure gives no right to refund of monies paid.

3.5 Cleaning
3.5a. Rental: We ask you to take care of the property as if it were your own home. 
3.5b. Camp-site: We ask you to look after your pitch and leave it tidy (particularly removing from it all tent pegs). We have special receptacles for the emptying of camping-toilets.

3.6 Linnen
3.6a. Rental: Bed linnen is included al well as a kitchen set.

In case of dispute the original french tekst is disiding factor.