The surroundings of Blot L’Eglise

The village Blot L’Eglise


The campsite is within walking distance of the idyllic village Blot l’Eglise, with on the background the Puy de Dôme. In the village are: shop, baker, knive- and pencil preperation, hairdresser, the old church and not to mention the craft Huilerie.



This is an oilmill who make’s vinaigre, mustard and nutoil (delicious in salads) and is a visit worth. On ca. 2 km from the campsite ther is a cheese farmer, a manege and a art galerie, all this is definitely worth a visit.


The region Les Combrailles




This area has a wealth of unique landscapes, many (crater) lakes and rivers, volcanoes, castles and churches and a wide variety of recreational opportunities. This makes Puy de Dôme an area full of surprises for young and old, where you can do thousand and one discoveries.

Film of the surroundings